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Examination of Conscience
based on the Beatitudes

Winding Roads

Being Poor in Spirit

  • Do I take care of the goods I own?

  • Do I contribute to my church?

  • Do I always purchase whatever I want, whether I need it or not?

  • Do I have more possessions than I need?

  • Do I share with those in need?

Winding Roads

Seeking Holiness

  • Do I strive to do God's will?

  • Do I look for spiritual direction when I need it?

  • Do I read and listen to Sacred Scripture to learn how to imitate Christ?

  • Do I go to confession and receive Holy Communion regularly?

  • Do I seek to imitate Christ's life and actions?

  • Do I devote specific time to prayer and learning my faith better?

Dry Flowers

Comforting Those Who Mourn

  • Do I pray for those who are suffering?

  • Do I comfortable those obviously in pain?

  • Do I accept suffering willingly?

  • Do I offer my suffering so as to make up for sin?


  • Do I accept correction with a smile?

  • Do I brag about my accomplishments?

  • Do I correct others with gentleness?

  • Do I seek the best place for myself?

  • When things go wrong do I get upset or angry?

Purity of Heart

  • Do I strive to live according to the teachings of the Church? Do I do so with love or grudgingly?

  • Do I turn to Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary in prayer when I am tempted?

  • Do I seek advice in confession regarding the virtue of purity?

  • Do I ask the assistance of my guardian angel when I am tempted?

  • Do I avoid the influence of those who think and act in an impure way?

  • Do I avoid places where I may be tempted against purity?

  • Do I know the truths of the Church?

  • Do I strive to understand these truths and accept them completely?

Afternoon Light

Being Merciful

  • Do I ask for the grace to forgive others easily?

  • Do I have compassion for those who suffer?

  • Do I keep in mind the many times Christ has shown mercy to me?

  • Do I try to avoid grudges against those who offend me?

  • Do I try to forget the offences of others as quickly as I wish my offences to be forgotten?

Sunrise on Nature

Being a Peacemaker

  • Do I accept that others have opinions contrary to mine?

  • Do I seek to win in every discussion?

  • Do I see others as adversaries?

  • Do I disagree without being disagreeable?

  • Do I ask the Holy Spirit for assistance in seeking the truth?

Being Willing to Suffer Persecution

  • Do I pray daily for those Christians suffering persecution?

  • Do I encourage others to stand up for what is right?

  • Do I support my friends who do stand up for what is right?

  • Do I offer my suffering for those who persecute me?

  • Do I turn to Christ and ask for his help when tempted to go along with the crowd?

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