Examination of Conscience

Winding Roads

The First Commandment

  • Have I performed my duties toward God reluctantly or grudgingly?

  • Did I neglect my prayer life? Did I recite my usual prayers?

  • Did I fail to mention some grave sin in a previous confession?

  • Did I seriously believe in something superstitious or engage in a superstitious practice (palm-reading or fortune telling, for instance)?

  • Did I seriously doubt a matter of Faith?

  • Did I recklessly endanger my faith by reading a book, website, pamphlet, or magazine that contains material contrary to Catholic Faith or morals?

  • Have I committed the sin of sacrilege (profanation of a sacred person, place, or thing)?

Winding Roads
Dry Flowers
  • Have I tried my best to fulfill the promises and resolutions that I made to God?

  • Did I take the name of God in vain? Did I make use of God's name mockingly, jokingly, angrily, or in any other irreverent manner? 

  • Did I make use of the Blessed Virgin Mary's name or another saint's name mockingly, jolingly, angrily , or in any other irreverent manner?

  • Have I received communion in a non-Catholic ecclesial community?

Afternoon Light

The Second Commandment